Dear Parents & Students,

Six years have passed since the implementation of the new educational reform. Six years full of confusion, questions, pessimism but also optimism for its success.

In these six years we have always stood by the student with sensitivity and understanding in each of his problems, as we are in the twenty years of our course in the field of education.

We continue to follow developments closely and to adapt our programs and teaching methods in a timely manner to any changes that occur.

  1.  The teaching is carried out in comfortable, air-conditioned spaces, by a staff of experienced teachers who use modern teaching methods.
  2.  Our departments are small and homogeneous.
  3. Students are provided with free teacher notes with exercises that fully cover the curriculum.
  4. Competitions are held every Saturday for all classes, in all subjects.
  5. Collaboration with parents and guardians and their regular information at scheduled gatherings. At these gatherings, parents are personally informed by teachers about their children’s performance.
  6. Valid and responsible professional orientation of children using the Ariston Test.
  7. Assistance in completing the computerized form using a special program.